You might want to purchase one or more of our albums. Fortunately, you can order discs or MP3s online if you're having trouble making it to a show. You can even stream our original songs (and most of them are originals) if you wish. Enjoy!

Carol Carol Hendrix Burrus is foremost a songwriter. Her songs, sometimes political or spiritual and sometimes simply about love, seem to speak to the thoughtful crowd that gathers at Traveler performances. Her voice is strong, but sweet and clear, carrying the message of the songs with an unpretentious down-to-earth quality. When she sings, you can feel her history as lead singer in musicals and jazz bands, as well as her Texas-folk-singing-around-the-fire vibe. Playing the piano, ukelele, flute and occasional penny whistle add to the variety of the band's repertoire.

Charlie Burrus brings his background in rock, rhythm & blues and bluegrass to the musical mix of the Traveler sound. In addition to playing acoustic and electric guitar, he arranges many of the songs, contributing piano, organ, accordion, melodica, percussion, ukulele, and mandolin. He arranges many of the background vocals, as well as lending his own voice to lead a song or two. His technical background complements his creative side as the band's recording engineer and web site designer.

Andy Black brings his solid, creative bass playing and clear tenor voice to the Traveler sound. Versatile on both double bass and fretless electric bass, his playing flows effortlessly with the variety of styles the band creates. He especially shines with the blues, jazz and rock and roll, moving up and down the bass with melodic beauty or driving rhythm. Sometimes he brings out a banjo or plays acoustic guitar and when he sings a lead every now and again, it is a pleasure and a gift.

Carol, Charlie and Andy are grateful for the fellow Travelers who have joined them and continue to join them along the way... friends on stage and on disc, including Chris Brown, Herman Kluge, Luigi Bai, Howard Hendrix, Barbara Shreffler, Max Dyer, Michael Black, James Metcalfe and founding member, "Texas Jon" David Jones.