Possibilities 1. Runaway Train
2. Love is the Only Thing
3. Quiet
4. Hippie Chick
5. Underground Railroad
6. I Believe
7. Red, Red Rose
8. Grandmother
9. Highway 54
10. When the Day Is Done
11. Spin Me Round
12. Fade Away
13. Call Me
14. Remember
15. Come to Me in a Dream

All songs were written by Carol Hendrix Burrus

Runaway Train

Sometimes I feel like a runaway train
Nobody drivin', no one to follow
Sometimes I feel like a runaway train
Rollin' down the track, like there ain't no tomorrow
Ridin, don't know where I'll go
Don't know what I'll do
Don't know what I'll do
Rollin down the tracks as the wind blows,
Since I lost my man, since I lost you
Ain't no one a man like you
That gives me good lovin, ain't no one around
Ain't no one a man like you
I'm headin' out, I'm leaving this old town
Sometimes I sink into the ground,
Like I'm dead and gone, like I'm dead and gone
Sometimes I sink into the ground
Like I'm slippin away, bein here all alone

Love is the Only Thing That's Real

Some of us love our stories
And take them to be true
You may think I'm wrong
But I don't see things as you do
We don't know the answers,
Despite the stories of old
They warned us not to stray
Weren't we always told?
Things are not as they seem
It's all a mystery
Love is the only thing,
The only thing that's real
We're all caught up in working
To try to get ahead
All the while the questions are
Floating through my head
Is there room in this toil
For more than meets the eye?
Am I the only one today who wonders why?
I often wondered why
They pushed for us to believe
Using fear to persuade us,
It's hard for me to conceive
I grow tired of this world
And all that is within
We keep doing the same stupid things
And doing them again


The sun is shining, melting me
Send me some shade
I've been running uphill now,
I'm starting to fade
If I can get quiet in my head,
Let me go
When calm awaits me,
I will know
Speak to me, oh quiet
I'm drowning in my self-made life
Throw me a line
The ticking's passing by so fast;
Slow down the time
Sleep evades me every night
Please give me some rest
Blood runs from my face so white
I'm not doing my best
My dreams are filled with pain and doubt
Confusion fills my mind
Help me figure it out

Hippie Chick

She's a tree-hugger in the state of Texas
I guess you could say she just don't fit in
She doesn't like to buy the latest new product
And these days you know that's a sin
They say she's ruining the economy
She's got to buy a lot more stuff
But even if she buys a Hummer H3,
You know it'll never be enough
And she says,
If I were back in the 60's,
I could be a hippie,
Wearing cutoff jeans with a peace sign patch sewn on
But here we are in this new century
Not the time or place I want to be
And it's hard to find myself or find a home
And it makes me feel so strange and all alone
She put up a compost in her backyard
She buys only hormone-free milk
She always tries to make 2-sided copies
And get everything she can in bulk
She likes to drink fair-trade coffee
She's saving up for a hybrid car
She votes for the LOCAL green party
And protests any reason for war
Why don't we slow down and feel the summer breeze?
I want to look out and see the autumn moon
I want to touch you brother
It couldn't be too soon
She's full of dreams about living in the country
Dreams of a house with solar energy
She gave up meat, but she loves her coffee
Maybe Oregon is where she should be

Underground Railroad

(in honor of those who helped and those who suffered)
Been bound in chains and I've lost my family
What have I to lose in this troubled world?
I got nothing but the clothes on my back
Gonna make my way to freedom's tracks
Gotta catch that train on the Underground Railroad
Oh cross the water, don't let them find your tracks, no, no
Or they gonna find you and take you back
Run fast, run fast as you can go
They'll be searchin high and searchin low
Gonna catch that train on the Underground Railroad
Ride, ride, I'm gonna ride
Ride, ride, I'm gonna ride
Gonna catch that road to freedom,
Gonna ride that train
I've lost my life
They've taken everything from me
I have not a dime to my blessed name
But they cannot take my soul from me
And this freedom song's got its hold on
Gonna catch that train on the underground railroad
Ride, ride, I'm gonna ride
Gonna catch that road to freedom,
Gonna ride that train

I Believe

Guess this is how it feels to be in love
I'm dancing all around about this man I have found
He sings a different song, but he wants me
He takes me aside and whispers what our life could be
And I believe
I believe
I believe
I believe every word
Cause I'm in love
And I'll go down this road
Well, I've been hurt & so has he
We've got our scars & wounded hearts, more than we'll ever need
But life goes on and day falls after day
When the sun comes up again & again, we know we'll find a way
And when the sun is risin',
You can come out from your hidin'
And like the light from above,
You will find, find your love
Well, I've been down this road before
There's something in our hopes & dreams that makes us try once more
When I heard you knockin' upon my door,
I asked myself what the hell I was waitin' for

Red, Red Rose

O my Luve's like a red, red rose
That 's newly sprung in June:
O my Luve's like the melodie
That's sweetly play'd in tune!
As fair art thou, my bonnie lass (lad),
So deep in luve am I:
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry:
Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my Luve,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile.


(for Ruby Thomas Schneider, who lived to be 98 years old)
Grandmother, Grandmother, I must let you go
To a place where your body pains you no more
To a land where your spirit and soul can soar
Grandmother, I must let you go
We come to this world from our mother's dark womb:
A seed to a flower that's destined to bloom
And a seed and another come forth from the one,
And when we pass, we go back home
Grandfather, Grandfather, where are you?
I have only a story and a photo or two
One with my mother, a tall red-haired man
One with a banjo in hand
Grandmother, Grandmother, I will let you go
Be that the earth will take you back home.
Peace be with you on this blessed morn
Grandmother, I will let you go

Highway 54

(inspired by the story "Passion" by Alice Munroe)
When I returned, I found the road,
But it no longer went where it did before
The highway curved now it's straight as a knife
No turns at the foothills, no feeling of life
When I was here twenty-so years ago,
There was no pavement, only dirt road
Only one road running to the lake:
Only one road did I have to take
It took me a while to know where I was,
To find the place where the old house was
I took in a quick breath, when I found nothing there
And then I would cry at the passage of years
I didn't know what I believed
I didn't know I would be relieved
One by one the memories fall:
Too much to find within these walls

When the Day is Done

I find my life in a book of poetry
I find my rest underneath a tall oak tree
I find my heart begins to sing,
Wondering what the new day brings
Not everyone has a lover,
Someone to kiss when midnight comes
We are not all beautiful
We are not all young
But there are possibilities,
With the rising of each sun,
And the time to play,
When the day is done
I find my soul when the moon is full
Like an ocean wave I feel the pull
When I'm listening I hear the birds
Sing a song I've never heard
Can you feel that feeling,
As you look around tonight?
Even though it passes,
As the year goes crashing by
All the possibilities,
With the rising of each sun,
And the time to play,
When the day is done

Spin me Round

Spin me round, baby
Dance with me
We'll make music,
You will see
Tap my drum, baby
Keep the beat
When we dance,
We'll feel the heat
It don't matter what tomorrow brings
I love it when you do your thing
Just put your lips right here on mine
Baby you know what you mean to me
Our love is what was meant to be
You know I'll be loving you for a long, long time
Pluck my strings, baby
Play my keys
Sing my song
Don't toy with me
Play my horn, baby
Love me right
Take me home with you and hold me tight
And with the moonlight shining,
We can find a place for hiding
We'll find a place to be alone

Fade Away

Every day I work so hard, my head is pulsing
I just need some rest and peace
Can't look at the paper, can't hear any news,
I need to give my eyes some ease
Just need to fade away for a while,
Just take some time
Just need to fade away for a while,
Think of nothin, do nothin
To get my head back on to go,
I need to fade away for a while
Every day I go in, face the papers building
Face the boss and all that work
But for now I've got to stop all of that thinking
Thinking now just makes my head hurt
Now I'm heading home, the day is finally done
The freeway's like a parking lot
I feel the tension building, feel the heat is rising,
I've given all I got

Call Me

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you planned,
And it's hard to believe
And life's just dealt you another dirty hand
And it'll bring you to your knees
When it seems like this old world is caving in
Then it's time to call me up, my friend, just call me
Call me up my friend
Seems you've more than your share of a heavy load,
It just keeps raining everyday
Just like the stories we've all been told,
Keep walking and you'll find your way
Call me in the dead of night
I know you need some love and care
When nothing day or night feels right
You poor heart's so cold and bare
By the time we reach our mortal end,
Pain and sorrow we will share
The thing that helps our lonely hearts to mend,
Is knowin' that cross we all must bear


Remember that night,
That night we walked down the road,
Down to the river
Saw nothing but stars and darkness
Out among the trees
I'll never forget your face that night
It's the first time I saw a trace of
Love and light that
Made me know that
You could be the one
It's funny how life can change
When someone walks right into your heart
Why is it that someone can
And someone else cannot?
It's one of life's mysteries
We never know what
Will bring the love and light
That wakes the soul
And makes you want to sing
There have been many moons to rise
And leaves to turn in years of passing
Many warm days and cool nights,
Clouds and stormy skies
But if I had the chance to go back down
To the river tonight,
I'd go to feel the love and light I feel
When you are next to me

Come to me in a Dream

When you walk the ramblin' wood,
You will find yourself at midnight
Standing at the side of the stream,
Lookin' into the water below
The stars look out from the sky
And they open up the mind's eye
And all the secrets once unseen
Become the things that you will know
Come to me in a dream
Come to me while I'm sleeping
In my waking hours, I walk alone
Crossing through the veil
Is something never written
I felt it only once
And then again it was gone
When we ponder our Fall
Over a glass of tinted wine
We hope Mother Earth will renew
After the end of our time