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Saturday, December 15
Anderson Fair

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Carol, Andy and Charlie invite you to join us at our annual December Anderson Fair show. We'll have Chris Brown with us on drums, and we're looking forward to a good time.

There is only one Anderson Fair, and if you haven't been in a while, then it's been too long. As their website states, they've been "featuring original singer-songwriters from Texas, the US, and the World since 1969," making it one of the oldest folk and acoustic music venues in continuous operation in the United States. The sound system is truly the best and the room is just right for listening, and if that wasn't enough, the people who run it are not only interesting and kind, but are volunteers, there for nothing else but the love of music.

Doors open at 7:30, music starts around 8:45. Please note that Anderson Fair is a credit-card free environment. You'll want to bring some cash in your pocket for drinks, for some tasty munchies, and of course for some Traveler CD stocking-stuffers.

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